Cherrill works in a wide variety of styles, ranging from traditional life studies to modern and post modern abstracts. Although she has often adopted realism in order to produce landscapes, portraits and life studies, her more recent work tends toward abstracts and semi abstract work, with the beauty of the local area influencing much of her painting.

Cherrill has lived and worked in the Swansea area all of her life and many of her paintings reflect the city's rich industrial past. One of her works Stacks, for example, conveys the impression of the industrial landmarks she remembers from her childhood.

Cherrill is also very interested in finding positive and negative shapes in the natural elements and depicting them in an abstract style.

Of Space City Disco, Cherrill says that: "It was a fun idea dating back to the 1960s/70s when I loved to dance. Space programmes were serious affairs and I used to wonder if there was any life in space, did they have discos for instance? I have tried to create a feeling of movement and joy in this work, swirling cities and creatures cavorting to an irresistable beat".

"I've always thought of music in terms of colour - for instance hot jazz and cool blues induce riots of colour in my mind. In The Colour Of Jazz I've tried to make a painting which describes the joyful, colourful experience I am able to enjoy while listening to my favourite jazz musicians".

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Breathing Life into Life Studies

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